clinic front doorWDBJ7 News visited Commonwealth Dental Clinic recently resulting in the segment that follows.  To watch the video please click on the link below.

A new dental clinic in downtown Roanoke aims to provide adult Medicaid and reduced fee dental care for the under served population in the area.

Those at Commonwealth Dental Clinic say funding for low-income dental care is dwindling. They’re hoping partnerships with public advocacy groups and care providers will help reach those in the community who can’t pay to maintain their dental health.

“We could work full time, every day, around the clock and there would be people who need dentistry but just can’t afford it,” dentist, Dr. David Black of Healthy Roanoke Valley told Your Hometown News Leader.

That seems daunting, but dentists like Dr. Gregory Harvey, President of Commonwealth Dental Care, says he’s dedicated to providing that service to as many people as he can.

“We’re filling a void by helping those people who aren’t able to get regular care but be able to take care of their emergent situations,” Harvey, Commonwealth Dental Clinic President, told WDBJ7.